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I am curious about how judging standards differed between the Huayu Youth Award and the recently inaugurated M+ Sigg Prize (winner will be announced in March 2020). Most of the time, an assessment is made on relative merits of an artist and his artistic practice, without corresponding a...

January 30, 2020

Much have been said about protests in Hong Kong, there have been much less discussions about protests in India. This was how one gallery dealt with the art week. Brilliant 👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼👏🏼

“Mumbai Gallery Weekend (MGW) opened this month as protests spread across Indian cities, sp...

January 30, 2020

The list of participating artists is as follows:

Hamra Abbas (Kuwait / US / Pakistan)

Ghiora Aharoni (Israel / US)

Song-Ming Ang (Singapore / Germany)

Reza Aramesh (Iran / UK)

Christine Ay Tjoe (Indonesia)

Mina Cheon (US / Korea)

Cheuk Wing Nam (Hong Kong)

Daniel Crooks (New Zealand / Australia...

January 25, 2020

This is for those gallerists and visitors who are monitoring the Art Basel Hong Kong situation...🙏🙏🙏🙏

TOP Galleries Send a Blistering Letter to Art Basel Over Hong Kong

“The letter, addressed to Art Basel global director Marc Spiegler and Adeline Ooi, its director Asia, did not mince...

January 19, 2020

“Also stoking fears was an article published in The Art Newspaper last month, which reported that dealers were having difficulty securing insurance coverage for shipped artworks. ABHK organizers are working with a local insurance broker to offer coverage, albeit at 20 times the normal r...

January 16, 2020

My two-hour lesson on the history of performance art in Singapore⁣

One of the most rewarding experiences this art week thus far was my accidental encounter with archivist Koh Nguang How (at the State of Motion show). My 2 questions started a 2-hour conversation, standing and going throu...

January 16, 2020

BRAVO S.E.A. Focus!

A confident and focused showcase dedicated to art from Southeast Asia, with not-to-be missed gallerists and artists, for veterans in the art world and those seeking an introduction to artists in the region. The tight selection of 20 gallerists was well-curated by STPI...

December 6, 2019

Pompidou, Tate, V&A, LACMA, Palais de Tokyo, you name it. How do these Western museums work with censorship in China? So what is it in China that Western institutions are after? How do they straddle the two?

“Despite the challenges of communication and different organisational cultures,...

December 4, 2019

Comments of 30-somethings while browsing an art fair: “Collecting is such a 19th century thing to do”, “it’s a way of turning money into trouble”.

Interesting perspective on the impact of a passive experience of life through screens and how that in turn drives an art experience economy....

December 4, 2019

Bravo!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

“The decision came after the four artists contacted the jury today to ask for the prize to be awarded to them as a collective, writing: ‘At this time of political crisis in Britain and much of the world, when there is already so much that divide...

November 15, 2019

For those Singapore-based artists and practitioners, here’s a resource that is catered to arts freelancers that has just been launched - opportunities, financial planning, physical co-working spaces, advice on contracts and legal recourse etc etc. It’s not extensively populated yet but...

November 13, 2019


Last week, i saw her 4-channel video, Corponomy, at the Rockbund Museum. The work speaks of how dance students graduating out of academies who have difficulty finding work get shunted into the service industry performing sexualised dance acts that are choreographed for...

November 12, 2019


“The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Yuz Museum Shanghai (YUZ), and Qatar Museums (QM) have agreed to jointly develop and share exhibitions and other programming across their institutions in an attempt to encourage the exchange of art and ideas among the three...

November 5, 2019

So interesting to observe how an institution with its origin as a private museum in China is corporatising and expanding - soon with a new branch in Shanghai. Direct references to words like “brands” and “integrated art and design” are signs that UCCA is monetising it’s brand and progra...

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