Lawyer-poet’s bold speech about arts in S’pore triggers tender exchange between her & Prof Tommy

A debate on the motivations of investments in the arts in Singapore. Such an eloquent and incisive account. I agree with Chong's readings :

- that "nurturing our creative and cultural sectors “was never a priority in the early stages of our development”,

– that "the development of our arts infrastructure is “a branding exercise grounded in the desire to transform ourselves so we might be attractive to the world”, citing our beautiful galleries and museums as well as the government’s annual $700 million expenditure on the arts."

- that "the arts should not just or even primarily be an instrument of the State to attract global talent.”

One only needs to dig in on newspaper reports in the 90's to research on the government's stand then.

I would like to think while those were our starting points, i am sensing a new season in different quarters.

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