Art Basel Director Marc Spiegler: his vision for the world's most important art show

"..the core notion of the role of a gallerist – this has been evolving tremendously. Likewise, digital technologies have also had a huge effect on the way we do business. Though there’s still no equivalent to Uber or Airbnb for art transactions and consumption, a huge amount of the momentum that builds up before the fair comes through digital platforms; the same applies for much of the business done after the fair. That said, this remains a business built on trust, and nothing replaces face to face interaction, which is why fairs and biennials remain so important.

Another dramatic shift is that we now – more than ever before – live in a truly global art world. The traditional notion of an artist first developing their career through local galleries and museums is now completely outdated. The young collectors of today have expanded their area of interest far beyond their own local market, region or even continent. And this is the case even when they have just started collecting. So, artists are not limited anymore by the current trends and taste of their local art scenes." Marc Spiegler.

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