Let’s stop pretending academic artspeak reflects actual research

Well argued. This is not the first time someone has raised the problems of the International Art English and hopefully this will not be the last. It's a disease in the art world.

"This language has been the subject of mockery since at least the 1990s but it shows no signs of going away....

The point of this dialect, the researchers claim, is simply to show insider status, to exclude those without the proper credentials or background from the conversation.

Intelligent and educated people write this way, and they have a justification for it. They argue that the theory they are reading cannot be easily simplified, that each of these phrases is the product of many years of "research" and that they are writing for other connoisseurs of the theory.

Let's stop pretending this language reflects "research." Let the reader decide whether an idea is plausible or implausible by explaining it, not by presenting it as established fact. Let's have an end to academic artspeak – and while we're at it, start letting art speak for itself."



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