Dr Apinan Poshyananda in Conversation

An interview with Dr Apinan Posyananda on the Bangkok Biennale. Insightful on what the Bangkok Biennale will be showing and his reading of the Thai contemporary art scene. Looking forward to checking it out !

“The BAB's artist line-up was decided following a worldwide open call, and features establishment names such as Marina Abramović, Huang Yong Ping and Yayoi Kusama, alongside young and emerging Thai artists, who represent 34 out of the 75-strong list. Among the highlights are contemporary dance artist Pichet Klunchun, video artist Kawita Vatanajyankur and performance artist Jittima Ponsawek. As Dr Poshyananda notes, the Biennale will offer a strong platform for these artists to exhibit their work: 'They will be on the international stage, but at home.”

“To stage a biennale of any kind, you need peace. If you're going to have a coup every two years, you cannot have a biennale..... it is so unexciting in Europe. It's so boring, and lackluster, and poor. I went to the Berlin Biennale this year and it was so dry. I think it's a reflection of the zeitgeist in Europe: uncertainty, violence, terrorism, Brexit, the economy, fear.”

Read the article here.

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