AI Will Have the Biggest Impact on Photography since the Digital Camera

As the world tuned in to AI art that was sold by Christies for $432,500, this article on AI’s impact on images depicts a certain future. What a depressing proposition thinking that we would lose that sense of trust and that we have to be on constant alert, yes much more than now. For all the advancements AI bring, our ability to trust what we see would be a great loss to mankind.

“....neither Savsunenko nor Carriere seemed to think AI posed a serious threat to Photographers. They believe that AI will be used to enhance, not replace, traditional imaging. Savsunenko said it will be some time before AI images match the quality of in-camera images, though he said a photographer’s role could eventually shift, with less emphasis on technical prowess. ‘It’ll be a requirement to make an idea, to be creative,’ he offered.

....the proliferation of AI-powered image-generating software might be ‘good’ because of the fact that everyone will have access to it, instead of a select few. ‘Imagine a world where you can make fake images and fake videos, instantly on demand, with zero technical skills,’ Savsunenko mused over the phone. ‘The credibility of any image will go down, right? So you will doubt any image that you see on the internet—and that is why it will be harder for professionals to manipulate public opinion, because there will be less credibility to every image.’ Proof and credibility will have to be presented in other ways, he believes—“so there’s no definite proof that it’s going to be bad.’ “

Read the story here.

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