Waking up to Asia's growing role in art

It was interesting to read a candid opinion on the poor reception of art from Southeast Asia in Tokyo in Japantimes, featuring the show, Awakenings: Art in Society in Asia 1960s-1990s” currently showing at the National Museum of Modern Art, in collaboration with, National Gallery in Singapore amongst other Japanese institutions.

“When I caught the exhibition’s opening on a Friday night there were only four or five visitors. The situation was the same when I went to see “Sunshower” at The National Art Center last year, only at that time I had the exhibition to myself. Let’s hope this lack of interest in Southeast Asian art isn’t a trend.”

I was also surprised to learn of yet another exhibition of works from Southeast Asia in Japanese soil after Sunshower within a matter of 12-16 months (albeit of a different period). This intensity is a little unexpected, (I don’t think Singapore, being the “hub” of art from Southeast Asia, has experienced this intensity). A good exposure for artists 👏👏👏

Read about the story here.

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