Super-Curator Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev Talks About Hito Steyerl’s Latest Work and Why AI Is Actual

There have been a few posts about Artificial Intelligence here. Here is a strong alternative view. What do you think?

“‘Artists who fetishize the medium, whatever that medium, they’re just generally not good artists,’ the curator postulates. ‘A good artist, a real artist, will reflect on the implications of a technological revolution like AI and they’ll use it to show certain implications on our subjectivity.

The conversation we should be having about AI, she argues, concerns the historic relationship between technological change, culture, and humanity.

‘AI changes our way of thinking,’ Christov-Bakargiev says. ‘What Hito Steyerl is working on is how the brain—and how we—are being changed by this entanglement with AI.” In that way, artist and curator alike are working to make art a place to debate some of the most important questions about what it means to be human today.’”

Read the article here.

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