Will big names at Taipei Dangdai contemporary art fair be enough to lure dealers back to Taiwan?

“And collectors from all over Asia have told him they will be attending. ‘About 50 collectors from Indonesia are coming,’ he says. By comparison, S.E.A. Focus, the new fair in Singapore that opens later in the month, has been relatively low key.”

Low key? Really? Based on what? Sorry, I have to disagree. It is not my experience at all. I have been helping to organise receptions since 2011 for art week. This year is one of the best years in terms of the quality of visitors coming to Singapore for art. The noise level may be deemed “low” by certain quarters, but this is one year where visitorship remains high (surprising many in the local scene). Key players who are in the know and are part of the regional art circuit are all visiting. All receptions I have been part of organising are more than fully subscribed and I must say, are made up of really diverse and interesting folks - definitely more than 50 from Indonesia (I love Indonesians by the way, but this is not about that). The manner of engagement with art visitors this year is one of the best I have experienced.

I am not one who takes a nationalistic stand when comes to art initiatives. But one must be careful about how one represents one scene over another without empirical data. As readers, we must also be careful about how we consume information and make conclusions about what we read.

Read the story here.

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