The moment the fair was cancelled a week prior to the art week, the community here kicked into action. An SOS group was put together on Facebook to list venues and enlist help. An alternative SOS venue was put together in 5 days with public and private funding for gallerists whose artworks have landed here with no place to show. There were questions as to whether visitors might cancel their plans here. A BIG THANK YOU to artists and friends who turned up anyway. ⁣BIG THANK YOU to artists and gallerists and members of the art scene here. I don’t believe I’m saying this: For the first time, I feel that the art community here is beginning to own our art week. You see it in the diverse programme offerings, the shows and the talks and the engagement. I don’t think I have seen the scene working any better and having a better time doing it.

These are pictures I have cobbled together. It’s a tiny part of the week’s action (I didn’t get to do everything) but boy, did I have a blast! ⁣ Thank you

#seafocus #friezeacademy #impartartawards #arterysg#singaporecontemporaryartshow #theprivatemuseum#britishhighcommission #asianfilmarchive

Photo credit: Winnie Chan Steph Fong #SEAfocus Selina Ting


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