NADA's Gallery Open: An Alternative Model to the Art Fair that Actually Works?

First there was CONDO (pop up gallery-share model), then there’s NADA (New Art Dealers Alliance) Open Gallery (guided circuit visits to galleries) added as a combination. Do these signal the death of art fairs? (I love the food court example. We in Asia should understand this well...)

“...NADA announced that for the first time since 2012, they would not be hosting a New York art fair this year..... NADA instead launched the NADA New York Gallery Open, a “new initiative… to bring visitors, collectors, curators, and critics into over 50 art galleries, non-profits and alternative spaces around New York City during the week of March 4–10, 2019. The programming consisted of guided tours that brought out-of-towners and New Yorkers alike to galleries in several of the city’s art districts, like the Chelsea, the Lower East Side, and Bushwick, in addition to an abundance of performances, dinners and brunches, and artists talks.

...let’s say you go to a fantastic food court like Dekalb Market, and you have all these incredible cuisines. Then the person who owns the food court says, ‘Hey, you should really go see the restaurant; it has an expanded menu, they’re always experimenting, they’re bringing in all these different things.’ Then, at the restaurant, you start to learn about the farm, about the elements, about the terrain—which is the studio.

Gallery Open, on the other hand, would seem to benefit galleries that already reap the benefits of being centrally located, like those with store-front locations in Manhattan, which already have the advantage of foot traffic. That being said, several far-afield galleries used Armory Week as an opportunity to organize pop-up exhibitions in New York.“

For those who wish to read more on Condo can have access to an earlier article here:

Read the story here.

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