The Underground Art Scene Shaping Hong Kong’s New Cultural Identity

As I depart from Hong Kong and reflect on what I have seen and experienced in the week, I come across this fascinating article on how Hong Kong’s real art scene is not to be found at the annual art circus. ⁣👍👍👍 This is a good closure.

“‘People think that Art Basel is art and we were like fuck it, let’s show them real art,’ says YoungQueenz. ‘Everyone who goes to Art Basel is just trying to make themselves look cool like they know art, but they are pretending. It’s just a place of business.’

‘When the Umbrella Revolution happened, it made me think, fuck this place; there is no hope and people are sad. Now, I still feel hopeless, but we have to have to get our verses out there.’

The city’s young people have been feeling misunderstood and powerless for some time – priced out of real estate as well as undervalued and underpaid in a work culture that demands an average of 60-70 hours a week. It’s a common gripe for many young creatives in major cities across the world, but in Hong Kong, the feeling of despair is compounded when, due to the lack of space, it’s common to be stuck living with your Chinese parents who don’t always value jobs that aren’t in medicine, law and engineering. The Umbrella Revolution was also a plea from young people to the city to reassess what it values and support its own unique culture even when facing an inevitable merge with China.⁣

‘When I hear the voices of this generation, it’s a bit sad because there is a sense of hopelessness and resignation that we can’t change the direction of this city. But that hasn’t stopped us from expressing how we feel.’ Merry Lamb Lamb⁣

‘Hong Kong tends to like foreign cultures more, and it forgets about its own,’ says Issac Lam, one of the most sought out and progressive photographers in Hong Kong.”⁣

The story can be read from here.

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