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I understand that everyone will be spoilt for choice during the Singapore Art Week as there are some clashes in talks (yes, Singapore will have to do better in planning). As locations of the talks are quite far apart, I thought I would help to ease decision making by giving you a synopsis of the 2 sessions I am involved in.


SESSION 1: THE NEW PATRONAGE 25 Jan, 2019, 3pm @SEA Focus

After hours of preparation and speaking extensively with the three panelists, I have taken the liberty to throw out “a system of support and friendship” in the title 😝😛.

This will be a discussion about art patronage, without protracted discussions about art or personal collections or the act of collecting.

It will be a discussion about art patrons and "new" forms of art patronage without going at length about the collector.

What does a loft in Brussels, a transplanted art school in Bataan and a Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong have in common? Imaginative, thinking people as owners who constantly challenge existing formats and conditions of engagement.

Alain Servais @aservais1 (on twitter only)…/servais-family-collec…/

Alan Lo

Jam Acuzar Bellas Artes Projects

This will be a discussion on inherited (and created) realities, initial experiments, issues in execution and creative solutions involving artists and curators, compacted for a massive download in 45 minutes.

I will be asking if formats of presenting art need to be palatable to the art world for it to be effective channels of circulation and referral for artists and how the dominance of social media change the way they think about patronage. No prices of works, no lengthy presentations on collections or any mushy friendship or fluffy crap. You will see some art, but the focus will about new formats, issues, experimentations, solutions, new audience, public and art world reception, and the future.

If you are still following, COME!

BUT if you are looking for solid content on art collecting per se, consider the other session involving Dr Cheryl Loh, Wiyu Wahono and Lu Xun. This is the session where collectors culture bacteria, collect lectures on art as art (yes!) and tear down walls of bedrooms to show video art and do all kinds of crazy things. I am a proud friend. It will happen on 26 Jan, 2019 at 3:30pm at SEA Focus around the same time I will be moderating the talk with Richard Koh.

For tickets to both talks, see…


SESSION 2: STRAIGHT TALK : RICHARD KOH IN CONVERSATION WITH Patricia Chen . 26 Jan, 2019, 3pm @The Private Museum

“Poor art market conditions” and “a stagnating market” have been cited as some reasons for the cancellation of a fair a week before opening but this man is increasing his bet in Singapore and opening a new gallery at Gillman Barracks next week. Richard is one of the most active gallerists in the Southeast Asian art scene. What is Richard seeing that OTHERS are not? Incidentally, Richard was also one of the gallerists who signed up for the ill-fated A.Stage 2019 ship - which makes him the man of the moment for QUESTIONS.

Well, needless to say I have many. A part of the talk will about issues related to collecting and presenting art as a gallerist-collector, but I will be taking the opportunity to ask what he has to say from his vantage point (😝😝😛 be honest, wouldn’t you do the same?)

This talk is NOT about what he sees in the art his collects - you would be able to read my review in the catalogue or ask these questions in person.

And at this point if you are still curious, come and join us.


This is a list of all the art you can be seeing:

This is a list of talks you can go for

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