Hong Kong Artists Join Mass Protests Against Extradition Bill

We stand with our friends in Hong Kong 🙏🙏🙏🙏

“..Local institutions and platforms that officially joined the strike include Asia Art Archive and Para Site. Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage and Arts announced that the JC Contemporary gallery would operate with limited capacity. The Hong Kong Arts Centre remained open but actively welcomed protesters in need of water and first aid as their venue is close to the Legislative Council building. Commercial galleries such as Ben Brown Fine Arts, Simon Lee, Lehmann Maupin, Gallery Exit, Karin Weber Gallery and Galerie Ora-Ora closed their doors for a day. Henrietta Tsui, director of Galerie Ora-Ora, explained her decision to close the gallery in order to allow her staff to strike or protest: “Freedom of speech and expression is key for artists and galleries. I love Hong Kong and China, the city and the country are our origin, we just need more time to discuss and debate about the bill and not to be hurried into approval.”

Artists initiated various actions in solidarity with the one million who continued the demonstration on June 12....an estimated one million people—artists, curators and cultural workers among them—took to the streets of Hong Kong to protest a proposed extradition bill put forward by the Security Bureau, which was scheduled to be read at a Legislative Council session on June 12. If passed as law, the bill would grant Hong Kong’s chief executive the authority to bypass the Legislative Council in endorsing the extradition of alleged criminals from Hong Kong to mainland China and Taiwan. Many fear that the bill will be abused by the Chinese Central Government for political ends, and that targeted citizens will be subject to the mainland’s human rights abuses.”


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