Art Basel owner backs off from its regional fairs

ArtSG will be postponed from 2019 TO 2020

There have been different developments relating to ArtSG. First, Art Basel’s parent company axed this fair to stem losses sustained by the company. The fair has then been asked to postpone its launch date by about 3 weeks to coincide with SINGAPORE Biennale. Organisers have decided to postpone the far. The reason given for postponement: a year is needed for ARTSG to prepare for the next fair.

“The dates for the first edition of ART SG, the Singapore based international art fair, will now take place from 30 October – 1 November, 2020....The decision to move the dates to give a longer lead time was taken by fair organisers in response to requests from galleries and key participants for ART SG to have more time to prepare and participate in the first edition of the fair.”

Earlier posts appended for reference.

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