'The Greatest Art Is Going to Be Produced in Hong Kong’: Amid Raging Protests, Some See an Oppor


"The outcome of the fight for Hong Kong’s liberty will have a profound impact on the city’s cultural identity—and its artistic expression as well.

According to Abby Chen, head of contemporary art at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, the recent Hong Kong protests are the most important cultural phenomenon the world has seen over the past decade. The city’s people, she said, have demonstrated creativity at all levels, mobilizing themselves from cyberspace to the streets to safeguard their freedom against those in power.

Chen believes that Hong Kong’s art is likewise poised to enter an age of energetic invention comparable to the 1985 New Wave movement in China. “It’s not just about the geopolitical situation,” she said. “This is about being human, and the kind of resistance and resilience that we are seeing. The world should be aware of it. If they are not, they are missing something that is critically important.” https://news.artnet.com/art-world/hong-kong-protests-and-future-of-hong-kong-art-identity-1600474?fbclid=IwAR1v6wIfZERn1hX8tr5sPHLpPKnyOGBX7vfOH9gxJdPe6_HhP2-oXKufMtY

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