The Oral History Project : Singapore

I’m so happy to hear of the launch of this online independent oral history project that has been put together by Cheong Kah Kit and Khim Ong. The Oral History Project sets out to preserve accounts of significant individuals who have shaped Singapore art history and discourses, including visual artists, art historians, curators and cultural producers. These interviews are conducted by peers nominated by the interviewees themselves.

I first heard about it several years ago through Lindy Poh, and am delighted to see that they have launched the first lot of the project involving audio excerpts and transcripts of the conversations here:

Guess who are in the first lot?

CONSTANCE SHEARES, Art Historian, curator, writer, interviewed by T K Sabapathy.

T K SABAPATHY, Art Historian, educator, curator, critic, interviewed by Lindy Poh.

CHOY WENG YANG, Artist, curator and educator, interviewed by Teo Hui Min

This is such important and meaningful work. The content is provided free of charge. Do consider giving to this so they can continue to cover more ground!

Congratulations and well done, Kah Kit, Khim, Lindy, Saba, and Hui Min! I have not read it yet, and am so looking forward to work with this content !

#tksabapathy #constancesheares #choywengyang #oralhistory #singaporeartscene #arthistory

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