See You at the Fair? Nope! Why the Art World Is Embracing ‘JOMO’—the Joy of Missing Out—in a Big Way

This is a big picture piece about how fairs and biennials have exploded to such an extent that it is impossible it is to see everything; and how taking the attitude of “Joy of Missing Out” is key to sustaining the journey. 😝😝

“...[over the past 20 years]....Somewhere along the way, the art world hit a tipping point where it became impossible to even strive to see everything and be everywhere—and with that collective resignation, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) mutated into JOMO (Joy of Missing Out).

The number of worldwide art fairs mushroomed from 68 in 2005 to somewhere between 225 and 300 by early 2015—and still floats close to the high end of that range, according to art economist Clare McAndrew.....The Biennial Association, meanwhile, currently lists 259 biennials, triennials, or similar art exhibitions in its directory.

‘I see that attitude in other people too: a reflected sense that the art world has gotten too big to process.’

‘The most important works that come to market never make it to a fair or an auction. They don’t need the visibility help,’ says one dealer who requested anonymity. ‘When you come to that realization, going out of one’s way to see ‘B’ material at a fair or auction becomes less desirable.’”

So true!!!!!

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