UCCA Center for Contemporary Art to open space in Shanghai

So interesting to observe how an institution with its origin as a private museum in China is corporatising and expanding - soon with a new branch in Shanghai. Direct references to words like “brands” and “integrated art and design” are signs that UCCA is monetising it’s brand and programmes after it was sold to a group of investors in 2017.

Will be interesting to observe how this develops. Bookmarked.

“Beijing’s UCCA Center for Contemporary Art announced plans to open a third location in Shanghai in early 2021.

‘On one level, the connection to UCCA will distinguish [UCCA in Shanghai] from other things in Shanghai. We are not looking at it as a separate entity, but as another phase,’ Tinari says. Compared with the Beijing-managed Dune, Shanghai ‘will obviously be different’. He says: We anticipate having a team of about 20 people in Shanghai, all connected back to Beijing, and all part of their larger departments back here. We’ll be thinking about the program holistically, some which will mean in some cases exhibitions that will be traveling in between Beijing and Shanghai.’

The Shanghai space will include an extension of UCCA’s newest initiative UCCA Labs, which Tinari describes as ‘a commercial division doing crossover with brands” to create “integrated art and design collaborations.’ Primarily though it will extend UCCA’s core programming directions of ‘making sense Chinese contemporary art history, introducing and presenting relevant international positions and developments, and shining a spotlight on new voices around us.’”

Background reading: https://www.google.com.sg/…/beijing-ucca-sold-inve…/amp-page


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