What Gives an Art Fair Staying Power? Turin’s Artissima Remains a Haven for Old-School Collectors Af

“The fair isn’t looking to expand into a brand. It just wants you to see (and buy) good art.”

This isn’t about Asia, but the story provides some food for thought. As I read about Ullens’ branded expansion in Shanghai, I come across a piece about the art fair that isn’t interested in expanding into a brand. Just good art.

So much can be at stake when motives and intentions are money-making, because from there, values of access, organic development and richness in diversity flow. People who monetise a brand think they can do both; perhaps they can. Trust the aficionados know which are the good ones.

“‘Part of the benefit of Artissima is that participation “is not expensive for galleries,’Bonacossa says. ‘So [they] can take risks with a young artist.’”


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