Snap and go: the pros and cons of the art experience economy

Comments of 30-somethings while browsing an art fair: “Collecting is such a 19th century thing to do”, “it’s a way of turning money into trouble”.

Interesting perspective on the impact of a passive experience of life through screens and how that in turn drives an art experience economy. Changing times!

“‘You can’t get them to stay for two minutes in front of a painting,’ says Tomat......’We don’t have the attention span. It’s become the generation of ‘now’. There’s no sense of depth of connection.’

‘Things have changed and there is an increased need for embodied experience in art,’ says Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev,... ‘People have such a passive experience of life through screens on mobiles and laptops,’ Christov-Bakargiev says. ‘Therefore there’s an extreme need for experiential moments.’

‘There will always be people who want to build private art collections,’ Short says, but he thinks they will be an ever-decreasing minority. As for the rest, ‘the experience is just showing up, then leaving’, he adds. ‘We’re missing the experience of the cultural conversation.’"

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