Wet Paint: Top Galleries Send a Blistering Letter to Art Basel Over Hong Kong

This is for those gallerists and visitors who are monitoring the Art Basel Hong Kong situation...🙏🙏🙏🙏

TOP Galleries Send a Blistering Letter to Art Basel Over Hong Kong

“The letter, addressed to Art Basel global director Marc Spiegler and Adeline Ooi, its director Asia, did not mince words when airing complaints about the state of the fair amid the Hong Kong protests, which have been going on for months. It claims that ‘many people who normally attend the fair have indicated that they will not attend this year’ and that ‘many of our artists are unwilling to have their work shown at the fair’ because participation in a territory under threat of increased Chinese control is not ‘consistent with their core belief in the freedom of expression.’

Ultimately, the letter concluded that ‘it is not a good year to hold this fair.’ (If the fair were canceled, it wouldn’t be without precedent, given the cancellation of the first edition of Art Basel Miami Beach two months out due to the attacks of 9/11.) But, recognizing that MCH Group seems hellbent on soldiering on with the proceedings, the galleries asked for a few concessions instead: the ability to reduce booth sizes without penalty; an extension on the deadline to pay until late February; access to reasonable insurance coverage; no late fees for orders of booth materials such as lights and walls; and, most notably, a 50 percent reduction on booth fees across the board. While some sources at the galleries realized the requests were ambitious, they hoped to start a negotiation.

....None have commented on whether they will drop out of the fair.”


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